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Help in the Recovery Efforts of ArtsConnect While Also Supporting a New Art Installation

The Springfield Township Arts Center is more than a building where art classes take place. It’s an exciting hub of creativity for all ages. Dedicated in 2020 and programmed by ArtsConnect, the Arts Center has touched over 18,450 lives through art instruction, open studios, and free to low-cost community events.  Today we are asking individuals, families and businesses to show their support of ArtsConnect and the reinstatement of arts programs in a truly unique way.


Abruptly, operations of the Springfield Township Arts Center came to a halt when the center flooded from three broken sprinkler pipes on Christmas day. The community has stood by our side and we are forever grateful for partnerships, like Finneytown School District, offering temporary class and office space.  Renovations are extensive as every room in the center was impacted by flood damage. The sprinkler system has to be replaced, requiring major modifications from its original design of the 1990’s.  Springfield Township is now in the process of rebuilding its arts center and ArtsConnect anticipates opening this November.

Since its inception in 2012, ArtsConnect has never run a capital campaign. The flood brought unprecedented challenges and supporters have asked what can they do to help. For the first time, and in celebration of a re-start, ArtsConnect will commission an artist to install a work of art in the center where the public can be a recognized for their support. Through your contribution, ArtsConnect will not only be able to reinstate its diverse and engaging programming but also fund the installation of a new captivating, permanent art display in the stairwell of the art center. This display will stand as a testament to community kindness and dedication to the arts, welcoming all visitors with a symbol of creativity and resilience.



Cincinnati artist, Jessica Wolf has been commissioned to design and build a one-of-a-kind, paper chandelier sculpture to hang in the stairwell of the renovated art center. The design of the chandelier will be symbolic of the flood and rising from adversity when our community comes together. Donors can be recognized for their contributions in the art, on a plaque and/or on a web page dedicated to the new chandelier.



Funds raised by October 20, 2023 through the campaign will not only bring a permanent work of art to the center, it will help sustain ongoing operations of ArtsConnect. Your support will have a profound impact. 

The Artist, Jessica Wolf

Founded in Cincinnati in 2009, Paper Acorn began as a creative outlet for artist Jessica Wolf. While learning the ins & outs of structural engineering at her full-time job in the package design industry, Wolf was inspired to create more than toothpaste cartons and dog food bags.

After hours, with ruler and X-acto knife in hand, she set to work creating something of her own. An intricate box crafted from scraps of paperboard formed the shape of a tiny forest treasure; a humble acorn. Excited about the possibilities, she continued to create in her free time and many other designs quickly followed.

An online store was opened to test the waters of potential revenue. After some promising successes, the pull to dedicate more time to growing her business called her out of a full time position and into the life of self-employment.

The naming of her business came naturally; noting her primary medium and harkening back to the little nut that sparked this journey, Paper Acorn began to sprout roots. 

Inspired by the endless possibilities of paper and the imaginations of her customers, Jessica continues to expand her line of products in the wedding & party, home décor, and DIY crafting industries.

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Flood damage of the arts center

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Rendering of Artwork to be Installed For the Re-Grand Opening of the Art Center

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Donor Levels:

"Diamond" Level $1,000+

 Business, family or individual name will be incorporated into the new stairwell art display on a spindle of the chandelier and will  listed on the plaque and on the dedicated web page as a Diamond Supporter.

 "Gold" thru "Contributor" Levels

Business, family or individual name will be listed on a wall plaque that will be located in the stairwell near the art installation. The name will also be listed on the web page.

Gold Level: $500-$900  

Silver Level: $250-$499

Contributor Level: $100-$249


Business, family or individual name will be listed on the ArtsConnect webpage. 


Donations can be made online through credit card. Checks can be addressed to ArtsConnect and mailed to 9150 Winton Road, Cincinnati, OHIO 45231

Questions can be directed to Kim Flamm, Director of ArtsConnect at 513-728-4262.

ArtsConnect is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.