Connected By Creativity Fence Mural

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Cox, Kinley Cincinnati paintings, sm
ArtsConnect is excited to present “Creativity Connects Us”, a vibrant and expressive mural designed by the award winning Cincinnati artist, Cedric Michael Cox!! Cedric uses surrealism and representational abstract techniques to construct eye-catching, colorful, pieces. He draws his inspiration from music and the natural world, designing geometric, curvilinear, and floral-like forms to capture his work. The Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, The Columbus Art Museum, the Dayton Art Institute, and Five Myles Gallery in Brooklyn, are just a few places his work has been displayed. When speaking about the mural, Cox went on to say, “I created a vivid neighborhood connected with creative lines and movements to show connection, diversity, creativity, and camaraderie of Springfield Township”.

On June 16, 2023 ArtsConnect campers started the mural with the help of Cedric and our leads on the project, Janell Hollie and Mollie Eastman. Once complete, the mural will be 150 feet long and will consist of 4,455 Put In Cups placed along the chain link fence leading to the ArtsConnect building. ArtsConnect will share this exciting opportunity with people from our community to collectively work on the mural. 

This project was made possible through the support of ABC (Activities Beyond the Classroom) and Hamilton County's INSPIRE Grant. Thank you for your dedication to our youth and the arts.