At ArtsConnect, we value making the connection - whatever that is, through the arts. We have helped bring the history of Motown to life with artist residencies in classrooms. We have helped seniors strengthen their dexterity and cognitive thought through art projects in nursing homes. We have helped boy scout and girl scout troops earn their woodworking, painting and pottery badges, giving them new skills that they will have for a lifetime. We have recruited artists to design an neighborhood logo, then make address plates for residents to promote good will, unity and a since of pride. 

There are all kinds of ways ArtsConnect can help to make connections through art. 

Do you have an idea you would like to see come to life through the arts? Is your group looking for a speaker, artist, project or class? Does your group have a need to bridge the connection through art? Call ArtsConnect today and share your vision - and let’s see what  possible!

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