You know us for our signature events, summer camps with an underlying "give back" theme, and creative classes for all ages. But did you know that ArtsConnect also offers programming scholarships for children with limited financial means? Did you know that ArtsConnect works with our local public schools to lift students esteem with opportunities to perform or show their art in public spaces? Did you also know that ArtsConnect offers several free senior programs, providing daily interaction which is so important in keeping a high quality of life.

The impact of the coronavirus has left many of us with more questions than answers. Showing support for one another in these trying times is more important now than ever. Cancellations of anticipated events and classes due to coronavirus has pushed ArtsConnect to explore new ways to bring the arts to the community. You can help by donating to ArtsConnect.

We are asking for your support. Your donation, in any amount, will be designated to help with supplying new tools and equipment to the Arts Center, supporting community events and making art accessible to all. By donating, you are leaving a lasting impact.

Your donation helps make the following purchases for the new Arts Center possible:

  • 8 Pottery Wheels
  • New Handbuilding and Wheel Clay Tools
  • Kiln Cones
  • Slab Roller
  • Enameling Kiln
  • 4 Additional Mac Laptops For Digital Technology Labs
  • Jointer for The Woodworking Shop
  • Sander For the Woodworking Shop
  • New Art Aprons for Kids and Adults
  • Wet Vac
  • Stained Glass Grinder Blades
  • New saw blades, drill bits and sander belts
  • Glazes, Clay and Brushes
  • Storage Containers and Shelving

ArtsConnect events your donation helps support:

  • ArtLocal Art Show
  • Concerts
  • Mom Prom and Daddy Daughter Dance
  • Playhouse in the Park, Off The Hill Shows
  • Theater in our Schools
  • WinterFest Reimagined
  • Family Entertainment Series
  • Puppets For Lunch