Lollipop Music Class


Lollipop Music Class

Ages 4-6, Thursday, 3:45 - 4:30 p.m.             

$65 for non-members per 6 week session
$58.50 for members per 6 week session

Children, ages 4-6, will learn rhythms, patterns, and pitch through movement, song, and playing small instruments. Using the Orff Schulwerk technique, Miss Suzanne will lead this music class with fun and kinesthetic ways to prepare young minds and hands for the piano or other instruments when they reach age 7.

Lollipop Music Class Session Dates Day & Time Fee Register
Session 4 FALL OF 2020 TH 3:45 - 4:30 p.m. $65/$58.50 Register in the Fall

Having trouble registering online?  Call Lisa Zupon - (513) 728-4266 . Lisa can register you over the phone.

Suzanne Carpenter is a highly trained and experienced piano teacher. She had studied at Oberlin College and Conservatory while attending grade school. She attended school at Interlochen Arts Academy. Suzanne has her Bachelor of Fine Arts in music (and art, drama, dance and creative writing)  from the University of Connecticut and Masters studies at Antioch in Special Education. She taught at East Manhattan School for Bright and Gifted in New York, taught in Mt. Healthy schools, preK-12, and has run 3 piano studios. Ms. Suzanne and Dr. John both own True Virtuoso Piano Studio.

Suzanne with Bella