An ArtsConnect membership enables you to support the arts in Springfield Township while experiencing all ArtsConnect has to offer at discounted prices! 

Although membership is not required to take paid ArtsConnect classes, membership does allow you to participate in a number of free, daily drop-in programs.  Your membership also includes a mailed ArtsConnect Activity Guide Book and e-mail updates to keep you informed of the programs and opportunities Springfield Township has to offer. Individual and Household Memberships provide discounts on camps, classes, events and ArtsConnect retail!

This year, we are undergoing extensive renovations to our center and will be closed from January - June, 2020. When we re-open, any of the senior activities that were previously held at the center will continue and new programs will be added. "Basic Senior Membership" pricing for the senior adult drop-in classes will remain the same through December 1, 2020. Beginning December 2, 2020, all memberships purchased will be traditional ArtsConnect Memberships. 

ArtsConnect Memberships expire one year from the date of purchase.

Basic Senior Membership: (Available to seniors 55 & over until December 1, 2020 only) $25

ArtsConnect Individual ($50) or Household ($100) Membership:
  • $2.00 Bottomless Cup Coffee (free refills for the day of purchase)
  • 10% Off ArtsConnect Classes and Events
  • 10% Off Clay, Kiln Firing, and Glazes
  • $10 Off Each Camp Session
  • 10% Off ArtsConnect Retail Shop
  • Daily senior drop-in programming
  • Free Admission to Puppets For Lunch
  • Surprise Member Perks

Studio Passes

*Must take intro class to prior to purchasing studio passes. You do not have to be a member to purchase a studio pass. Individuals with an ArtsConnect Individual or Household Membership holders do receive a 10% discount on clay, firing and glazing.

Studios available M-F, 9am-8pm, Sat. 9am-3pm when a class is not in session. Please check the schedule in advance of arrival. 

Pottery Studio Passes
$5 Day / $25 Month / $ 200 Year

Woodshop Studio Passes
$5 Day / $25 Month / $ 150 Year

Pottery + Woodshop Studio
$250 Year



Membership Options

Membership Type
Basic Senior Membership  
*Does not include any discounts on paid ArtsConnect classes or events, woodshop or pottery studio.
Individual ArtsConnect Membership 
Household ArtsConnect Membership 
*Valid for up to 2 adults and 4 children living in the same residence