Puppets For Lunch - At Home Edition

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SPONSORED BY: country fresh

What?! Puppets for lunch! We can’t eat the puppets!!! No, of course not - but plan to eat your picnic lunch during an entertaining and interactive lunchtime Madcap Puppet Show performance in the comfort of your own home. We have modified our original Puppets For Lunch event so that the program can still be enjoyed - and we’ve added an extra twist! In the At Home Edition of Puppets For Lunch, you are in charge of the direction the show takes!!

Through the magic of technology and the artistic talent of Madcap Puppets, we will be gathering your direction in real time to create an interactive improv puppet show! 

Here is an example of how this could go:

"Once upon a time a magic troll lived in a ...."

Kids, this is where you jump in at type your ideas for the scene of the show. The magic troll could live in a cave, an ocean, on the moon, in a tree .... (The ideas are endless!) We will gather your ideas while the show is happening LIVE on our facebook live watch party. This show is bound to take all kinds of crazy twists and turns along the way. This adventure is sure to be fun, engaging and a little silly! Watch the puppet adventure unfold - while you enjoy your lunch!  You will even have the opportunity to ask a few questions at the end of the show.

Friday, June 5, 2020    Show starts at noon from ArtsConnect’s Facebook Watch Party at https://www.facebook.com/theartsconnect

(Also Available through Madcap Puppet’s facebook page and through Country Fresh Farm Market Facebook Page)

The admission to our traditional Puppets for Lunch event is $2.00 per child. This program will be free, however donations can be directed online at https://www.theartsconnect.us/292/Donations

For questions, call ArtsConnect at (513) 522-2108.