ArtLocal Art Show Presented By ArtsConnect

Just because we can’t gather in large crowds, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!

ArtsConnect will present the annual ArtLocal Art Show this year as a fun-filled “hybrid” event featuring online, in person and live scheduled streaming programs November 6 - 14th.

Local artists have had time to reflect and create during this time of quarantine. Now you can view and purchase their art for your home or home office!  An online gallery will host all of the artwork for sale. A smaller, in-person gallery will display the artists’ favorite works at the Springfield Township Arts Center (9158 Winton Road, Building A). Interviews with artists, sharing their processes, new works and promo discounts will be streamed on the ArtsConnect facebook page, the ArtLocal gallery site and YouTube. Tutorials on cooking, art techniques, and special features will be on demand, online. Participate in an online auction and a live raffle to win big. The website and artist sales will be offered through Christmas. 


SPONSORED BY north side bank logo will go live Nov  6 and will remain open through Christmas 
  • ArtLocal Online Gallery and Store
  • Charley Harper Art Gallery and Store
  • Online Silent Auction
  • On Demand Videos  - Video tutorials, chef inspirations, introspectives, art documentaries


*Smaller in-person gallery featuring the artwork per registered artists.
9158 Winton Road, Building A
Cincinnati OH 45231

Friday, November 6 -  9am-6pm
Saturday, November 7 - 9am - 3pm
Sunday, November 8 - Closed
Monday, November 9 - 9am - 8pm
Tuesday, November 10 - 9am - 8pm
Wednesday, November 11 - 9am - 8pm
Thursday, November 12 - 9am - 8pm
Friday, November 13 - 9am - 8pm
Saturday, November 14 - 9am - 3pm


Friday, November 6,  2020
7:00 - 9:00 p.m. LIVE STREAM on Facebook, You Tube and Event Website
• Artist Interviews
• Auction Runs Nov 6-15th
• Raffle Drawing for $200 Visa Gift card on Livestream Nov 6 at 7pm and Nov 16th at 10am.. Raffle tickets $5 each with ArtsConnect staff 

For information, call 522-2108

Contact Us

  1. ArtsConnect™ 

    (513) 522-2108

    Springfield Township
    Community Arts Center
    9158 Winton Road
    Building A
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Kimberlee Flamm
    Executive Director  

    Lisa Zupon
    Education Director


Through the generous support of two individual contributions, dedicated funds will offer Finneytown and Mt. Healthy high school students an opportunity to show and sell their artwork in the ArtLocal Art Show. The scholarship will cover the cost to apply for the show, as well as framing one piece of art. All students entering under this scholarship will be placed in a separate awards category, where a panel of judges will award one student top prize and an ArtsConnect class of their choice. 

Students who wish to enter the ArtLocal Art Show as a scholarship recipient should apply under direction of their school art teacher or can call Kim Flamm at 522-2108.


Best Of Show       $100

2nd Place              $50

3rd Place               $25

People's Choice

Honorable Mention


Call To Artists:

3 pieces of Artwork For One Entry Fee
$30 When You Enter Before September 15
$40 When You Enter On Or After September 16
No Entries After October 19th
(ArtsConnect retains 10% commission on any art sold)

I am an artist:

Have you ever wanted to show your artistic talent, but have been too intimidated to try? We want to take that fear away by inviting all artists in the community to show up to three pieces of art in the ArtLocal art show. This is a non-jurried show that will celebrate art in all levels of ability.
*New this year: 
- All artwork will appear on the ArtLocal event website from November 6 - December 25, expanding the amount of time your artwork is available for purchase. 
- Artists can apply to be featured in the live stream, November 6 and/or November 7. 
- We have enlisted judges and will award three artists with cash prizes. 
-The artists will choose their favorite artwork to be in the IN-person gallery, located at the Springfield Township Arts Center. 

Submitting Art to ArtLocal:

When registering, artists will first need to set up or log into their existing ArtsConnect Account. Second, click on "Register Here".  Artists will need to know what they plan to show, the medium used and the selling price, if applicable. These questions will be asked at the checkout. Once you have completed your registration, you will be prompted to upload photos of your artwork, a photo of yourself and complete an artist statement. 

Your artwork is not required to be on sale, although it is highly recommended this year. All sales will be handled by ArtsConnect and paid to the artist - A 10% fee will be retained by ArtsConnect for credit card transactions. For online sales, the artist will decide if they would like to make shipping of artwork possible. All artwork shipping is handled by the artist and not by ArtsConnect. 

Categories of art include: original clay or porcelain ceramics, digital art, drawing, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal works, mixed media, painting, photography, print making, sculpture and wood. All artwork for the in-person gallery should be prepared, ready to hang. Unframed drawings, prints or photographs (etc.) can not be accepted for the in-person gallery. If any artwork is deemed inappropriate for a child, we will NOT display it.

The entry fee for artists registering before September 15th is $30. A On September 15th, the fee will be $40. No submissions will be accepted after October 19th. The fees collected support advertising the event and offset the costs associated with the program. Artists may submit up to 3 original works under their entry fee. Artists may also wish to be featured as a guest speaker for the live streaming event on Friday. 

Once the entry fee is accepted, ArtsConnect will followup with a second form to upload jpg images of their artwork, an artist statement and their own photo if they choose. It's important to note that the images sent will appear as submitted to the website. ArtsConnect can reject an image for the website due to low quality.

Artists will be paid in full by ArtsConnect for the artwork sold, minus a 10% commission within 30 days of the show ending.


Artwork for the In Person Gallery can be dropped off during the WEEKDAY hours of 9am - 5 p.m. , Oct 26 - Oct 30.

Any unsold artwork can be picked up on Monday, November 16, 9am - 8pm. 

Delivery of artwork that is sold online: Artists will have various options when they enter the show. 

Artists may choose what delivery options to sold artwork (online or in person show) is available:

  • pick up the artwork at the arts center at no cost to the purchaser. (Artist would receive a congratulations notice from ArtsConnect with a message that the artwork has sold. The artist would then deliver the artwork to the Springfield Township Arts Center. )
  • art to be delivered by the artist in person (within 15 miles) at no cost to the purchaser (Artist would receive a congratulations notice from ArtsConnect with a message that the artwork has sold. The seller's contact information would be provided to the artist. The artist would then deliver the artwork to the customer, direct. )
  • request artwork to be mailed by the artist at the buyers expense (If the artists chooses to, they may offer to direct ship a sold piece of art to a customer. In this case, the cost of shipping is a conversation between the artist and the buyer. The artist would receive a congratulations notice from ArtsConnect with a message that the artwork has sold. The seller's contact information would be provided to the artist. The artist would then ship the artwork to the customer. Insurance and proper packaging is all at the discretion of the artist.)

    I understand that the Springfield Township Arts and Enrichment Council (DBA ARTSCONNECT)  will only generally supervise the location in which submitted artwork is displayed and that no security or personnel will be provided to particularly safeguard the artwork submitted. I understand that there is a possibility that the artwork I submit may be damaged or stolen during this event, and I hereby voluntarily release and hold harmless The Springfield Township Arts and Enrichment Council, Springfield Township, and the officers, employees, agents, and volunteers of each of them from any and all liability for any damage to, or loss of, any of my accepted artwork, whether such damage or loss is foreseeable or unforeseeable.
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