Goal of the Council

The Springfield Township Arts and Enrichment Council aspires to leverage the arts in order to create quality of life enhancements for residents and develop a distinct community identity with a vibrant local economy. The council implements community events and public art experiences to engage the community with ongoing social activities. In addition to creating an arts community, the council intends to serve the public with improvements to neighborhood parks and improved recreational opportunities where funding allows. Fulfilling the mission, the council will provide these enhancements for the residents and visitors of Springfield Township with less reliance on government funding.

Partnership with Local Government
The council works cooperatively with the township local government to bring life enriching experiences to the community. The Springfield Township Board of Trustees supports the Arts and Enrichment Council with the following forms of assistance:
  • Approve staff as needed
  • Limit funding to the organization
  • Office supplies
  • Use of Springfield Township facilities
Long-Term Viability Study
Beyond providing a service in the community, the Springfield Township Arts and Enrichment Council will conduct a long-term study to determine the viability of a Community Arts and Event Center.

Community Arts Programming
The Springfield Township Arts and Enrichment Council offers community arts programming which may include social events, workshops, classes, concerts, theater experiences, and art exhibits for all ages. A variety of collaborative opportunities may be created to connect different sectors of the public including, but not limited to schools, local businesses, neighboring communities, civic associations, churches, and various non-profits. In addition, the council may coordinate community contests, committee projects, and volunteer opportunities to fulfill its mission and to engage the community further.

Legacy Program
Specific to park and recreation enhancements, the council has the ability to create a legacy program where patrons can pledge donations in the name of a loved one. Trees, decorative benches, playground equipment, field improvements, or capital improvement projects can be supported through the legacy program.

The Benefits

By creating a Springfield Township Arts and Enrichment Council, the township, a community of 36,000 residents will benefit from a more sustainable source of planned community activities and access to the arts. While the resources from local governments become more scarce for these types of programs and activities, the need has never been greater.

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