Introduction to Scratch-Board Art

    Course Description

    Scratch-board is a clay coated board covered by a thin layer of black ink. An image is revealed by scratching away the ink to expose the white clay. Students will be provided with three 5-by-7-inch Ampersand boards plus scratching tools. Students will first learn basic scratching techniques (lines, cross-hatching, feathering, etc.) using one of the boards for practice. They will also learn how to re-ink and re-scratch the boards to develop image depth. Each student will then create an original design of a feather for themselves. They will learn how to transfer the image to the board and learn how to develop shadow and light. Students will need to complete the board at home. The instructor will be available later to review the final image and offer suggestions.

    About the Instructor

    Rich Schafermeyer is a Springfield Township resident and has been a scratch-board artist for over 25 years. He is a member of the International Society of Scratch-Board Artists (ISSA) and has displayed scratch-board art at shows in Ohio, California, and Vancouver. He has demonstrated scratch-board art in various venues and has offered to share his talent and donate his fees to the Springfield Township Arts and Enrichment Council Art Gallery project. All proceeds will be used towards building permanent art gallery space in the community. Rich is also the co-director of the Northmister Fine Arts Fair.

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     Scratchboard Art With Rich Schafermeyer
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    A minimum of four students must be enrolled for the session prior to the stated deadline for the class to take place (maximum 25 students). The Springfield Township Senior and Community Arts Center follows Finneytown School District inclement weather closings. To verify closings, call 513-522-1154.

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    Checks are payable to ArtsConnect and can be mailed to 9150 Winton Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231

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