Youth Programs

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ArtsConnect™ is proud to bring new family programs to the community. All of our programs are taught by highly qualified instructors with a passion for the arts.

Programs are held at the Springfield Township Senior / Community Center and are presented by The Springfield Township Arts & Enrichment Council.  The council can be contacted at 513-522-1154.

  1. Summer Camps

    Give your child an enriching experience this summer with an ArtsConnect camp! In this full-time camp, your kids will have a summer filled with imaginative, creative and fulfilling art projects all summer long.

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  2. Private Music Lessons

    Each one-on-one lesson is tailored to fit your ability level and musical goals. All ability levels and ages are welcome, from beginner to professional. Many adult students are “come-back” players. Classical, jazz, swing, rock, pop, gospel styles are taught. Music books and supplies are purchased through the instructor or on your own.

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  3. Camp Scholarships

    Scholarships are available for up to 50% of one weekly session fee. Participants who would like to enter to receive a scholarship may send a one-page essay (a recorded statement is an option) and/or a piece of artwork to ArtsConnect, 9150 Winton Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231. The essay should address a township/community issue the participant deems worthy of publicizing. Once the issue is explained, the participant must suggest a way that children in the township/community could address that issue. Many ways of addressing an issue might be mentioned but do consider how children’s artwork could address it too.

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  4. Camp Cancellation and Transfer Policy

    We are understanding of last minute changes in schedules. However, great care has been made to comply with staffing standards and camper/counselor ratios as well as supplies to be provided. Transfer (a switch from one registered session to another session) or cancellation (a decision not to attend the camp session for which the camper has registered) requests should be made in writing 12 business days prior to the camp start date. Refunds will only be given for valid medical reasons and a doctor’s note will be required for a refund.

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  5. Wednesday Workshops

    ArtsConnect has designated Wednesday nights as a workshop night where participants can sample a variety of arts media. Workshops range from stained glass, sculpture, journal/creative writing, art history lectures, printmaking, theater improvisation, teen and adult acting classes, painting parties and more! All Wednesday Workshops take place at the Senior and Community Art Center. Sign up for a sampling of workshops and encourage your friends to sign up with you. Some workshops are offered one time and others repeat so be sure to check the online schedule listed below.

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